March 6, 2017

Outer Banks Wedding Cakes

Artz Music & Photography will capture every detail of your Outer Banks beach wedding, including your delicious cakes, traditionally part of the first shared meal of most newlyweds, and always a tasty way to kick off any reception. 

When it comes to your wedding, we always encourage our brides and grooms to make it your own, which often includes uniquely styled wedding cakes that celebrate your union with your soulmate.

Your cake may be “beachy” and Outer Banks-themed, or perhaps something more personal, showcasing common interests and fond memories, be it professionally baked and decorated or homemade by the hands of loved ones. Some are simple and thoughtful while others are extravagantly detailed, but each one is symbolic of the beginning of your new shared life. 

A bit of advice when it comes to cutting the cake: Make sure you discuss whether or not you plan to “smash it” into your new bride or groom’s face when feeding each other the first piece, because the last thing you want is to surprise your new significant other with a face full of wedding cake. Have a plan, and make sure you both agree on that plan ahead of time. Some surprises are good, but this would not be one of those.

Please feel free to browse through our sweet wedding cakes photo gallery below, and be sure to check out our additional galleries throughout this site, and then contact us to save your date today!

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